Monday, May 21, 2018

Amway Professional Liars

If someone is a good liar then they have the potential to be part of the teensy fraction of 1% of IBO’s who make money at Amway. This is because you have to lie all the time when recruiting prospects or finding customers to buy overpriced shit.

Some of the lies that IBO’s are expected to tell:

“No, this isn’t Amway. We just use Amway to move our products.”

“Where else can you work a business 10 hours a week and earn $100,000/year.”

“After a few months you will be making thousands of dollars.”

“Business is going great!”

“You will save money by buying from your own store.”

“Everything to do with the business is tax deductible.”

“We’re debt free. We pay for everything in cash.”

“Amway owns the Amway Stadium in Orlando Florida.”

“Amway saves marriages. There’s a low divorce rate in Amway.”

“People who don’t succeed in Amway are either lazy or they didn’t try hard enough.”

“Now is the time to get on board because exciting changes are about to happen.”

“People who are not involved with Amway are broke losers.”

“Tools are optional.”

“We will buy back your tools if you leave the business.”

“We sell high quality products and they’re reasonably priced for their high quality.”

“You will collect residual income for the rest of your lives.”

“I work with a team of millionaires developing online businesses.”

Of course the biggest lie is denying the business has anything to do with Amway. That goes with tricking prospects into coming to a meeting. Even when the prospect specifically asks if this business opportunity has anything to do with Amway the IBO denies and lies.

Its really amazing that IBO’s spout off lies and then claim they run an ethical business. I love the bullshit about how every IBO out there thinks they offer outstanding customer service. Almost every non-Amway entrepreneur out there says the same thing about how they offer the best possible customer service and how their excellent customer service sets them apart from everyone else.

I’d say the majority of people who sign up as IBO’s are probably honest people. After they’ve been with Amway for a few months their conscience takes over and they become uncomfortable lying to people about how great business is going and how Amway is so wonderful. They’re not making any money and they’re spending a fortune buying Amway products and tools. They cut their losses and quit. Amway is a poor business choice for anyone because it has less than a  1% chance of success but Amway has a zero percent chance of success for honest people. It is difficult to fight with your conscience over the lies you constantly have to tell about Amway. Its the good old “don’t speak negative” bullshit aka “telling the truth”. Amway IBO’s refuse to acknowledge any truth that might be negative. When someone asks how business is going the IBO who is losing money has to lie and brag about how good business is and how its growing. I mean you tell someone the truth about how much money you spend each month and you get a check for $10 from Amway how desirable does that sound to a prospect. When someone asks how the products taste the IBO has to lie and say they taste great even though those food bars are nasty tasting shit. They have to brag about Perfect Water and lie about how it cures every ailment known to man.

All the lies are uncomfortable for honest people and they take their toll on a person having to lie all the time about Amway.

Not everyone is honest. Some people have no trouble telling lies. There are IBO’s who have been in Amway for many years. Maybe they’re making money or breaking even. Maybe not. Either way they’ll still lie about how good business is and how fast its growing. The IBO’s who are the best liars are the ones who stick with the Amway business for years and have a shot of being part of the 1% who make money.

Over the years they’ve perfected the art of telling lies. Our upline were professional liars and what I've observed is that its easier for a liar to become an Amway IBO than an honest conscientious person.

Professional liars only need apply.

All others - RUN as fast as you can.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Theo The Executive Diamond Tells Us How To Get Rich Quick in Amway

I had an Amway Executive Diamond stop by the blog to leave a comment! Wow I should be so flattered! An Amway Diamond is reading a blog devoted to cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline! You wouldn’t think people who love Amway would be reading a blog like this! This is the first time an Executive Diamond has left a comment here. Gazillions of dollars rolling in each month so they can just sit back and do nothing except read this blog. Yup!.............. Life is good! Freedom! Flush that stinking job!

So what a privilege an Amway executive Diamond stops by. Here’s what Theo has to say:

Wow, I knew it. The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap, look whoever you are I am an executive diamond my name is Theo im Columbian and I started my buisness about 3 years back and look where I got now, I earn 300k a year on a bad unproductive year and 460k a year when my 11 groups of 100 people each try hard, I'm with Equipo Vision and we qualify diamonds and new emeralds almost monthly, under me I have 15 Diamonds, 30 Emeralds, And so many platinums, you are very negative I can tell you just failed, you must not have dreams, or any sort of ambitions. I can't believe my associates and I came to america illegally and in a few years made a fortune, wow you white people are cocky and just suck at business marketing.... Yeah look amway pays me a solid check every year but with that check I became the proud owner of 4 McDonald's franchises, 2 Dennys Dinners, I own 1 Holiday Inn, 5 Gas Stations, and I own 1k shares of Apple, Cerner, Manchester United, and MicroSoft yeah but sure I'm an "amway lying cheat", I try to help people but they're to negative, lazy, with no ambition, but why care about people like you I'm rich and im not even legal, and I don't care if I get deported, ill just get to live in my Columbian Mansion, don't join any of those white people groups join equipo vision (team vision) my name's Theo again have a happy miserable life, working while im 33 and retired! Cya at my McDonald's Anna :p

Theo seems to have a problem with Caucasians. A little racist perhaps but that could be the mind set of how an illegal alien is treated here. I don’t know. “The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap”. Remove the word Caucasian and Theo is dead on right!

Look how far Theo has come in 3 years of being an illegal alien in our country! WOW!!!!! He makes around $400k at Amway, and with that income he has bought multiple well known restaurants, gas stations, and a hotel. Who knew that these businesses were selling for so cheap that someone on an Amway income could afford them?!

And why isn’t Amway’s media machine blowing this out their asses? In 3 years Theo was able to purchase all kinds of businesses on his Amway income! Amway’s media people should be bragging about this every chance they get how people can get rich quick in Amway just like Theo and use that money to invest in other businesses worth millions of dollars. Is Amway keeping this hush hush quiet because they’re worried Theo will get deported when word gets out how he got rich quick in Amway and is an illegal alien? Hell even Theo isn’t worried. He seems to be quite happy to go back to his mansion in Colombia. Never mind he doesn’t know how to spell the name of the country he’s from.

I asked him to tell me which McDonald’s and we’ll stop in and say hi.


Crickets chirping.

The big shot hot shit Amway Executive Diamond doesn’t want to make a couple of bucks off me when I offer to come in for a Big Mac and fries?

Damn! What kind of ambot passes up the chance to make a buck.

There’s only one thing that Theo said that I actually believe: I'm an "amway lying cheat"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amway Cult Leaders Use Your Dreams Against You

When recruits are being prospected by IBO’s they are asked about their dreams.

Often that is met by silence. Most people don’t know how to respond to “what are your dreams” because its kind of private only to be shared with people you’re close to.

A person might not know exactly what the IBO is asking or be a little confused about the direction of the question. Or they might not have thought about putting their dreams out there for other people to know about.

A good answer might be “none of your fucking business”. Especially if you suspect its an Amway IBO!

If the prospect says they don’t know or haven’t thought about it the scumbucket IBO will try another tactic.

“Imagine you won the Powerball. What would you do with all that money?”

A windfall of money drops in your lap. Millions of dollars to spend. What do you buy?

Be very careful with that answer because if you sign up with Amway your upline will use that answer against you for as long as you remain in “the business” and taunt you and torment you and dangle that elusive dream over your head.

There is a charitable organization that is close to our hearts. Doesn’t matter which one. Most people have a cause that they support and I’m not identifying ours because of the hits this blog gets for Amway searches and I don’t have the charity’s permission to associate them with a pyramid scheme. So when asked about his dream Ambot made the bad decision to tell the upline he’d like to build or buy a hospice for dying patients or a home where family members can stay near to the hospital where their loved one is being treated. A dream like that would take a good chunk of money to build and operate.

Bad Ambot! Badddddd mistake telling the fucking assholes in the Amway upline about his dream to have a home where dying patients and/or their families could stay. Then he was ferociously tortured by his upline because he was unable to find any prospects to bring to meetings, sign up any downline, or get customers. The upline held it over his head taunting him about how all these people were going to die and it was going to be all his fault because he wasn’t working hard enough to build them a place to live.

Bunch of sick bastards accusing Ambot that he’s responsible for people dying because he’s not working the Amway business hard enough.

That’s part of the Amway cult. That’s part of the brainwashing process.

Don’t let what happened to Ambot happen to you. Whatever your dreams are keep them to yourself and NEVER EVER share them with someone involved in Amway. If you let anyone involved in Amway know what your dreams are you will be tortured and tormented and ridiculed and made to feel like shit.

“I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough” was the familiar quote from the fucking upline because they’d been given the ammunition to use Ambot’s dreams against him.

So one more time I send a big fuck you out to our dumb fuck sponsor and our sack of shit Platinum and any other fucking IBO’s who tormented us during the Amway penance.

And another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.