Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How To Earn An Extra $200 A Month

This topic could also be titled “More Bullshit Our Emerald Told Us”. I found a cheat sheet that Ambot used at an Amway meeting run by the asshole Emerald. That cheat sheet was inside one of my notebooks that I unearthed out of my nightstand.

On this cheat sheet Ambot wrote down a time and then jotted something about what was being said at that time. Ah ha! I put 2 and 2 together and figured out he recorded this meeting. Yup, it was downloaded on the computer. Rather than hit the delete button on those files I’m thinking they might be useful to someone one day when the shit really hits the Amway fan and some media outlet is looking for sources on the lies told to us.

So I hit the play button and forward to the time Ambot had noted. I want to make sure I’m accurate in reporting the bullshit I had to put up with. Can’t have IBOFB showing up and saying I’m making it up!

We only saw the Emerald about once a month when he gave a board plan meeting at some privileged Platinum’s house. Usually not our Platinum so we might have had to drive an hour or two to get to this very important meeting. Like shit! You hear the fucking board plan once you hear it a fucking million times! Jesus! Nothing like pissing me off.

I had very little contact with the Emerald. He doesn’t know me from a hole in a wall. I’m not one of those ambots who crowded around him after he finished talking. I’m like let’s just get the hell out of here! He never personally interfered in our lives or personally caused me any distress. Whether that means somewhere deep down inside is an IBO who doesn’t believe in downline abuse or he just let the sack of shit Platinum do the dirty work I don’t know. He doesn’t piss me off like the Platinum. He comes across as a quiet, reasonable person - all the better to brainwash you. No hype from him. No rants.

About an hour into the meeting he asks how do you earn an extra $200 a month? Answer: 4 customers each spending $150 each month on Amway products.

A little background. A few minutes earlier he said you’ll earn 20% to 40% commission on every Amway product you sell and for every $100 in sales that’s about $35.

OK let’s go back to those 4 fictional buyers at $150/month = $600 in sales. So that would be about $200/month commission.

The IBO has to buy about $300 in Amway products to reach the minimum 100 PV to be eligible for a bonus check of about $10.

I’ll stay in even numbers because it easier for me to do the math and forget about that ten spot. IBO spends $300 to meet minimum PV requirements. Best case scenario earns $200 in commission thanks to those 4 suckers who each spent $150 on Amway shit. IBO spends $300 to earn $200. IBO has not made any money. IBO is in the hole $100.

Not bad in the greater scheme of things in Amway losses. Most IBO’s don’t have customers and only get $10 commission back on their own purchases so their loss will be much higher. Not to mention adding on the expenses of buying tools, gas to get to meetings, and admission to some Amway events.

Do you know how hard it is to find 4 customers? Let alone 4 customers who will religiously buy $150/month in overpriced Amway shit?

It would be easier for me to swim from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf!

It gets better. A few seconds later the asshole Emerald says “if you can’t find 4 customers its not because you aren’t good its because you didn’t try”.

Its the old going back to blaming the IBO for their lack of success. The upline has to come up with these lame ass excuses to justify why the IBO is not making money in a system designed for failure.

Didn’t try? How many potential customers reject buying Amway products because they’re too high priced and because they’re crap?

Its not for lack of trying. Its for lack of finding customers who don’t want to get ripped off.

So what do I have to say to all the Amway Emeralds out there?

Fuck you!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What's The Difference Between Amway IBO's And Sewer Rats? Nothing!

A blog follower notices:

IBO rats stalk people in malls, eat shitty food bars, pay double for water and always on nutrilite pills.

Yup absolutely. IBO’s stalk people in malls and grocery stores looking for new victims to attack with their viruses. Rats are scavengers, likewise IBO rats. The rodents might eat the guts off a dead porcupine that’s been hit by a car but IBO rats eat those shitty food bars. Same thing. It takes a creepy unclean rat to eat either one of those! Pay double for water? Surely you jest. A 24 pack of water costs less than 5 bucks at Walmart. Amway sells 24 packs of Perfect Water for around $50 so thats 10 times the cost.

Rats are nocturnal creatures, much the same as Amway IBO rats and their late night meetings. Turn on the lights and they run for cover so they won’t see the truth. Scurrying around late at night plotting to fuck up other people’s lives. You ever watch those Hoarders TV shows. Just about every episode has houses with rats in them either dead or alive that have destroyed the owner’s property who never really seem to care that they’re sharing their house with these vile creatures. Like their rodent relatives Amway rats also infest peoples homes. They find some way to squeeze inside the home and plot how they will destroy all the nice things the owner has in their house and replace them with shitty Amway products.

Some of those upline rats walked through our house with Ambot. They came armed with a worksheet that listed household goods that people commonly buy to show how Amway sells similar products. I didn’t accompany Ambot and the Amway rats on their route of destruction about how we should get rid of illegal products and immediately replace them with overpriced substandard Amway shit. I wonder how the rats liked looking in the bathroom cupboards to see what brand of tampons were in there!

From Wikipedia “Rats are seen as vicious, unclean, parasitic animals that steal food and spread disease.”

I’d say that description is very accurate of Amway IBO rats too. The people I met in Amway were about the most vicious human beings I’ve ever come across. Greedy materialistic bastards who brainwashed Ambot to spend all our money on Amway products and tools and when the savings had been used to use the credit card. Better known as helping the upline get the PV up there so they could meet their monthly goals. And when the money flow stops? Those Amway rats launch an attack squealing out “loser” and “quitter” and “you’ll be broke for the rest of your life”. Amway rats are not happy until they cause divorces, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.

Unclean? Well maybe IBO rats bathe regularly in Amway soap products but there is more than one way to be unclean. It refers to breaking the law too. Every Amway rat I met has been guilty of doing something unclean such as lying, scamming, fraud, mistreatment of others, etc.

Parasitic? Spread disease and viruses. Yup Amway IBO rats do that. The diseases and viruses they spread have to do with destroying marriages, destroying families, destroying bank accounts....

Steal food? In a way Amway rats steal good food by telling their downline to change their spending and eating habits to accommodate Amway products. Down with fresh fruit and vegetables and use Amway Nutrilite vitamins instead.

Compare Amway IBO rats to London’s black plague which probably started from infested fleas that lived on the rats that overran the city. An estimated 100,000 people were estimated to have died before the great fire in 1666 helped wipe out the plague.

It is unknown the number of people who have been destroyed by Amway IBO rats. Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Vicious parasitic creepy Amway rats creep out to leave comments on blogs like mine but scurry back into their sewers when they’re confronted with the truth and unable to back up their lies with nothing more than the standard response “because my beloved Amway cult leader says so --- so there!”. What’s it going to take to destroy the Amway rats and wipe them out for good?

The only good rat is a dead one. And maybe not ever then. One still has to dispose of it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I’m Not Good Enough To Be In Amway

That’s right. I’m not good enough to be in Amway.

  1. I’m not good enough at lying to people.
  2. I’m not good enough at sneering at people who refuse to join Amway
  3. I’m not good enough at putting down people who have jobs.
  4. I’m not good enough at telling people they’re losers.
  5. I’m not good enough at telling people if they don’t succeed its because they didn’t try hard enough.
  6. I’m not good enough at brainwashing people.
  7. I’m not good enough at selling Amway’s average products and convincing others their high price reflects an imaginary high quality.
  8. I’m not good enough to convince people Amway tools are optional.
  9. I’m not good enough at pretending this wonderful business opportunity has nothing to do with Amway.
  10. I’m not good enough at pretending business is going great.
  11. I’m not good enough at tricking prospects to come to Amway meetings.
  12. I’m not good enough at pretending Amway is an ethical business.
  13. I’m not good enough at dropping all people out of my life who have nothing to do with Amway.
  14. I’m not good enough to figure out who are all the Amway millionaires that don’t have to work because they have residual income coming in for the rest of their lives.
  15. I’m not good enough at scamming people to join a business with less than a 1% chance of success.
  16. I’m not good enough to be dishonest.
  17. I’m not good enough at pretending the truth is really a negative.
  18. I’m not good enough at pretending Amway food bars taste better than shit.
  19. I’m not good enough at pretending XS Energy Drinks taste better than cat piss.
  20. I’m not good enough at believing I’m actually making lots of money in my Amway business.
  21. I’m not good enough to choose to go into debt to pay homage to the Amway gods.
  22. I’m not good enough to pretend the devastation Amway has brought isn’t affecting my life.
  23. I’m not good enough at putting people down and telling them they’re quitters and will be broke for the rest of their lives.
  24. I’m not good enough lying about how Amway only takes 10 to 15 hours a week.
  25. I’m not good enough telling people they will save money buying from their own Amway store.
  26. I’m not good enough telling people that everything to do with the Amway business is tax deductible.
  27. I’m not good enough at scamming people.
  28. I am not good enough to be in Amway because I have a conscience.
  29. I am not good enough at unnaturally worshipping my upline.
  30. I’m not good enough to believe everything my upline says is the truth.
  31. I am not good enough to pretend I’m a Stepford Wife.
  32. I am not good enough at putting up with bullshit from male chauvinist pigs in the upline.
  33. I’m not good enough to stay up all night listening to a liar when I’d rather be home.
  34. I am not good enough to be in Amway because I have morals.
  35. I’m not good enough to become a brainwashed ambot zombie.