Thursday, November 16, 2017

Amway Ambots Love Amway Goads

For those of you who have had to put up with listening to the Amway band the Goads and occasionally stop by here looking information about them, you’ve come to the wrong place! Ha! I remember hearing them. I guess they’re good enough, but not memorable and not interesting enough to write about. Someone once left a comment with the titles of the songs they sing and yeah they’re all about motivating Amway ambots.

Time to really know what an Amway goad is. To be goaded by an Amway ambot.

Here’s a few things I found in online dictionaries for the meaning of the word “goad” all that apply very well when used to describe an Amway IBO.

- to make a person or an animal react or do something by continuously annoying or upsetting them
- a pointed rod used to make an animal move forward
- someone or something that urges or forces someone to do something
- something that pains as if by pricking

All of those apply to what its like being abused by the fucking assholes in your Amway upline! The most fucking annoying goading bastards around are all in Amway.

Is it any wonder that Amway uses a musical group at Amway functions and names them “the goads”? Ha ha ha. Very fitting description for anything Amway!!!!

A former Amway lifer shares their story:

I stumbled upon your site after searching for "The Goads", since I was curious if they existed, let me explain.

I was a "lifer" in Amway back in the 80's-90's.

I was quite fluent in "the plan" and could "persuade" (I have to be careful how I say that, since if you "chose" the right people, they didn't need persuading), and "candidate" that this was the best way to financial freedom. It certainly makes sense that the most common persons to approach are young unassuming "go getters" (I never used so many quotation marks) or someone who is a solid business man. One has no idea what is ahead of them and the other has the money to "invest".

Anyway all that has been said is true in that there is a clear deception in what is going on there. Yes, I know a person who still has their "dream" does not see it that way, but lets look at a few thing they don't tell you.

1. "If you work hard at it, you will succeed". Now they carefully don't tell you how long that will be, since they have no idea. That works in their favor both ways. One, as long as your in you purchase the products and "essentials", which leads to at the next question, but I'll get to that. On the other hand if you decide to leave for ANY reason, you've lost your "dream".

2. It will cost you now, but when you make it, it will be a business that allows you the free time to do what you want. Cost? That's an understatement. If you've got kids, sorry, if you're struggling to pay off debt, don't worry about it, once your business kicks in, you can pay for all that and more. (Heard this all before?) So after putting in countless hours showing the plan, driving to meetings and getting out to "contact" people, that doesn't leave much time for the family. Again, this is why to seek out the young and "unattached" (no kids). Now how long was that again until I can be successful? You just have to work at it hard, uh huh.

3. You MUST attend the "functions" (another word for con-vention, good choice by the way). Now let me get this right. I can't take my kids anywhere and have no money to take my wife out to dinner, but I NEED to spend money I don't have so that I can keep my "dream" alive? Don't worry, we can get a room that you and 12 others can split to make it less expensive...

I guess that brigns me back to why i was searching "The Goads". (Sorry it took me so long) Our pastor today brought up the story of Paul and how Christ said to him that it was hard to work against the goads. He explained what a "goad" was and it was like a light went on. A goad, he said is a sharpened stick that allows the user to guide the sheep in the direction he wants them to go. (ding, ding ding.) Got it yet, The Goads, perfectly and carefully named so, are the sharpened stick that guided the blind sheep ( Amway followers) in the direction of the dream. Well, I have been saving individuals, for sometime, from the misnomers of Amway. I even got "contacted" to a plan showing (that was interesting). It was nice to see good people leaving with me saying thanks. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Can You Get Free Amway Products And Then Quit?

Interesting. A Google search for “can you get the free Amway products and then quit” brought a searcher to this blog.

All I could think was what the hell are the free Amway products? Those bastards don’t give nothing away for free.

Signing up for Amway including the starter kit that was around $150. My memory might be a little off. It was broken down to something like $60 for the Amway annual membership and $90 worth of Amway products. I could be $10 or so off in my recollection but I’m in the ballpark. Today’s cost of signing up to Scamway is about $25 to $30 more according to recent readers.

In the Amway brochure it says you are not required to buy the starter kit of Amway products but the upline rides your ass as soon as they’ve recruited you to sign your life away to the cult. They say “you want to be a serious business builder don’t you? Then you have to buy the starter kit. You can try the products yourself and tell others how good they are or you can give them away. If you give them away they become marketing and promotional material for your business and you can deduct them when you do your income taxes.”

I’m not sure if this unfortunate recruit was lied to and told the cost to join Amway is $150 and you get “free” products for that price. IBO’s use whatever lies they can to sign up an IBO so that’s my guess.

More than likely my guess is dead on than the fantasy that Amway is actually giving away free products!

Its possible someone in this IBO’s upline pulled a fast one on Amway like our Platinum frequently did to screw over Amway. He’d call Amway and say he sold a case of XS Energy Drinks (or any other equally disgusting Amway product) and say the buyer hated the product and he’d ask for a replacement, another flavor to see if the sucker would like it better. So our lying scamming sack of shit Platinum constantly got freebies that way by pretending all his customers hated the Amway products.

Except when you think about it - hating Amway products is not such a far stretch from the truth! LOL!

The only other instances of free products that I can think of is if someone in Amway’s shipping department fucked up when picking the order and put something extra into the case. Hey some IBO gets free stuff they’re not going to phone head office and bitch about it. They’re going to keep it. After all Amway is ripping everyone off with their high prices they feel entitled to keep any freebies that end up getting shipped to them.

And quite rightly so I say.

So to the IBO who found their way here with the question can you get the free Amway products and then quit, I say absolutely you can quit ASAP. That’s the best thing you can do! Quit the fucking Amway cult! The sooner the better so you can get a refund on your Amway membership. And yes more than likely Amway will not want their shitty products in the starter kit returned so you can keep the “free” Amway products.

And that in a nutshell is how you get free Amway products. Though why anyone would want them is the bigger mystery.

Wow! Talk about a treasure! Struck gold on this one!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Amway Destroyed My Mortgage

I’ve heard from a reader who mortgaged their house to buy Amway products.

Why the fuck do people do things like this?

Its all part of Amway’s sell the hope not the soap campaign. We go to Amway functions and the Diamonds stand on stage and tell their hard luck story. They all have the same story told slightly differently. I swear these bastards got together to figure out what fables to tell to the ambots in the audience anxious to devour every bullshit word from their beloved cult leaders.

The Diamond’s hard luck stories usually go to the effect that both the husband and wife were working minimum wage jobs when a dear friend came along to show them the Amway business plan. Every one of them seems to have borrowed $20 from their aunt to put gas in the car to get to the first Amway function. And the rest is history. The stuff that Amway fairy tales are made of. Ambots are ordered by their cult leaders to do whatever it takes to get to Amway functions. They fail to say the real reason they need high attendance is because those functions are how the Diamonds make most of their money from the tool scam. They give shitty advice to skip a few meals or skip the mortgage payment or take out a 2nd mortgage on your house. That way you’ll have the money to get to Amway functions.

The brainwashing that goes into these ambots to make them do dumb things just to make their cult leaders richer is incredible.

Mortgaging your house to buy Amway products? Just how many shitty overpriced Amway products does one person need? I guess that depends on if they play to single handedly - no downline or customers - get to their 1000 pin that month. Or maybe 2500 pin or 5000. Take any of those PV pin amounts and multiply by 3 to get the approximate dollar value of what those products cost.

How did the upline brainwash the ambots to mortgage the house for no other reason than to help their upline meet some goal that month. Probably had something to do with an upline Diamond falling out of qualification and everyone downline who owned a house was ordered to mortgage it and buy Amway products. You help your upline and one day there will be someone downline who will do the same for you.

Fuck that shit!

Can we say inventory loading?

I’ve never been brainwashed by a cult so I can’t pretend to understand what is going through the minds of these people who do crazy dumb ass things like mortgaging their house to buy Amway products just so they can get a little recognition and praise from their upline.

I thought it was bad enough to drain the savings account and run up the credit card debt just to keep the Amway cult leaders happy. Risking your house, probably your biggest investment, the place where you have a roof over your head and a warm dry place for your family to live and keep their stuff just because some upline asshole needs more PV to reach their monthly goal is stupid.

I’ve seen too many stories from former IBO’s who’ve lost their house thanks to the Amway scam. A little maneuver the assholes in our Amway upline tried to do with us too to take out a 2nd mortgage so we could buy lots more Amway shit. Ambot was convinced this was the right thing to do just because some upline Amway asshole said so. Too bad for him he’s not the only name on the deed and I ain’t putting up the house because some fucking Amway asshole that I despise says to do so.

Ah yes. No wonder those fucking assholes tried so hard to destroy our marriage. Once the ambot’s money supply runs out and the wife/husband refuses to use their credit card or sign away the house or car there’s nowhere else for those bastards to go except to destroy the relationship.

As all good little cult leaders must do.

Call it revenge for the PV not being as high as they want.

Can you image what becomes of a house that goes into foreclosure due to the Amway scam. The sherrif evicts the family and goes in with a crew to remove the belongings and put them into storage. And what are they removing? Boxes and boxes of $50 bottles of Perfect Water, boxes of XS cat piss water, boxes of shitty Amway Nutrilite food bars, and enough bottles of Nutrilite vitamins to clog every toilet in the Trump Tower.

And then when the evicted don’t pay the storage fees it gets auctioned off. Can you see that one on Storage Wars? Some unlucky bidder pays a few hundred bucks for the unknown items inside the abandoned locker and ends up with boxes and boxes of worthless Amway shit.

Bring the dumpster over!